This Podcast Has 20,000 Paying Fans (And You've Never Heard of It)


We live in interesting times, don’t we?

I posted on my Instagram today about this site called Graphtreon.

Graphtreon allows you to see data on top Patreon creators.

You can see how many paid members a Patreon has...and for many, how much they are making per month.

I first learned about this site a couple years ago, and it still blows my mind.

It’s incredibly amazing how successful niche creators have become.

If you’re around my age (34), you remember a time when it felt like you could be aware of all the cool stuff going on.

We had TV shows like TRL and radio stations like KIIS FM sharing trends with us.

But these days?

There's things bubbling away in every corner of the internet.

All that matters is that there’s interest in the topic at hand.

For example, there’s “Blank Check with Griffin & David”.

Blank Check reviews films where the directors had a successful project, and then given the rare ‘blank check’ from Hollywood to produce passion projects.

Blank Check has 14,343 paid members.

There’s a podcast called “You’re Wrong About”.

The host reconsiders a person or event that's been miscast in the public imagination.

You’re Wrong About has 20,265 members.

And it’s not like you would know it by looking at the podcast on Apple Podcasts…it only has 68 ratings.

There is no greater proof that now is the best time for creators.

People are happily supporting creators who make them go “Wow their brain is wired just like mine!”

Proudly Running

©2024 Dylan Schmidt

Proudly Running

©2024 Dylan Schmidt

Proudly Running

©2024 Dylan Schmidt